Connected Worker 

Colin is very target orientated and driven to improve his KPI’s. He wants complete operations efficiency of the plant and has to ensure that the production schedule is on time and on budget.

With Nukon’s solutions, we can automate the delivery of accurate, timely information, delivered through push notifications to his selected devices.

Nukon solutions will provide Colin with data that he can trust to make better, quicker decisions on improvement initiatives and measure their impact.



Operations Manager 

Operational performance is Ollie’s primary goal with
highly visible KPI’s attached to this goal.

The right information keeps Ollie relevant in the business, which is why Nukon’s solutions help him see where the important opportunities are.

The application of the right technology solution glues many of his disparate systems together, and solves many of his problems in one hit through personalised data retrieval and clear visibility of key performance indicators.